If you’re looking for pergola kits and plans, Heartland Pergolas is the practical choice—as well as one of the most beautiful. Heartland Pergolas are:

  • Real Shade – Our angled shade system on the pergola’s roof allows for 50%, 75%, or 90% shade patterns, while most others only provide 20-30%.
  • High-Strength – Our aluminum internal frame holds up under high winds, will not sag or rust, and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Low Maintenance – No painting required. Simply hose it down with soap and water.
  • Personalized Customer Service – Our team of vinyl pergola experts is dedicated to providing you with the best experience from before you place an order until after the installation is complete – so dedicated, you get their personal cell number.   
  • Custom Design – Design your own unique pergola! Choose from freestanding or attached and options for color, post style, and amount of shade.
  • Easy Installation – Whether you’re a novice DIYer with a helper choose to hire a professional contractor, your pergola will likely be ready to enjoy at the end of day one. Check out our YouTube video installation series!
  • Free Shipping – Available anywhere in the continental United States; Contact us for shipping info to other locations.

Can I buy a pergola kit in a nonstandard size?

Yes. If the range of sizes available through our Design Your Pergola tool isn’t appropriate for your space, you can create a custom pergola kit.  Your local dealer will be able to accommodate your custom quote and Heartland Pergolas will fabricate your unique pergola!

How is a pergola measured?

The dimensions of your Heartland Pergola refer to the area of the roof (which has beams and rafters that extend past the columns), rather than by the area of the space 0f the supporting columns. For more detailed info you can view our CAD drawings here. If you plan to build a pergola within a limited space, contact an estimator to ensure you choose a pergola kit that will fit your needs.

What is the difference between the width and depth of a pergola?

The width and depth will tell you the dimensions your pergola roof will occupy. The “width” of your pergola indicates the length of the beams (the supports that sit directly atop the posts or columns) and the purlins (the shade pieces). The “depth” of your pergola refers to the length of the rafters (which lie crossways on top of the beams).



I live in a windy area. How well do Heartland Pergolas stand up to the wind?

Remarkably well. So well that any pergola with installed Hurricane Clips allows us to provide a wind warranty against ANY wind damage. If your properly installed kit is damaged by wind, we will replace the damaged components and ship them to you free of charge. You can read more on our wind warranty.

Have your kits undergone any type of wind or structural testing?

Our kits have undergone a thorough FEA analysis by an independent structural engineering firm. The results helped us to design our pergolas to withstand very high wind loads. We are so confident in their structural soundness that we warranty our kits against wind damage. You can read more about our wind warranty.

Are Heartland Pergolas appropriate for commercial use?

Yes. All of our structures are designed to withstand the heavier use typical of public areas.

How well do Heartland Pergolas withstand the extreme heat or cold of our Summers and Winters?

Bring it on! All Heartland Pergolas have an internal aluminum frame.  That means they won’t sag or fail in extreme hot or cold weather. The vinyl exterior is thick and durable enough that you don’t have to worry about deforming under heat or cracking in the cold.

Can I add a plexiglass roof to my pergola?

Yes. Plexiglass or Lexan roof is a great way to create a rain-protected outdoor space while still enjoying the sunshine. We recommend adding a slight slope to the pergola roof in the direction you prefer rainwater to drain. In addition, be aware that the solid roof will retain snow. While our testing has shown our pergola roofs to be very resilient under load, Heartland Pergolas will not warrant damage caused by the accumulation of extremely heavy snow.

Can I add a fan, lights, or speakers to a Heartland Pergola?

We hope you will! Adding a fan is just about the easiest way to increase your enjoyment of your pergola because it will help keep mosquitoes away. All of our pergola kits can be ordered with a fan mount for easy installation. In addition, because all of our structural components have a hollow core, it’s easy to chase wires and add boxes and switches to your pergola.

Where to next?

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