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Custom Vinyl Pergola Kits

We customize pergolas to our customer precise needs. Simply ask us for a quote for the area you’re looking to install your pergola and we custom fabricate to your exact needs.  We work with every customer to ensure that the pergola is what they wanted and more.

There are many reasons that customers are choosing to add a pergola to their space. Our structures not only provide shade, but they also add architectural design to your outdoor living space. Our pergolas upgrade to your outdoor space to a sophisticated, comfortable and beautiful place to entertain or unwind.

Modern Pergola Kits offer low maintenance, custom pergolas with outstanding customer support. You can be certain that your pergola will fit perfectly into any unique space.  If you are looking for an attached pergola, our expert designers can assist in creating one that looks great and best fits your structure!

We can also create freestanding pergolas that will be a focal point in your landscape design.  Use it to create a defined space with an element of privacy or add plants for a garden-like atmosphere.  If you are looking to add value to your home and function to your outdoor space, now is the perfect time to buy a custom pergola kit and get the most out of your outdoor living space.