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Modern Pergola Kits is a division of our parent company - Heartland Pergolas. For detailed information on Modern Pergola Kits, you will find our Online Pergola Builder, Photos, CAD drawings and FAQs available via the Heartland Pergolas website.

If you are ready to shop or purchase your pergola, you can find our pergolas available via:

A Modern Pergola Kit For Your Home

Modern Pergola Kits bring style, sophistication and shade to your outdoor entertaining space. Wood pergolas require so much upkeep and still fall victim to insects and weather related damage after a few years. A Modern Pergola Kit uses the right materials to keep your investment safe, secure and looking like the day you installed it, for decades!

Our pergolas are made of durable, weather-resistant vinyl along with strong and sturdy aluminum inserts. Our pergolas can be customized by size and style. Vinyl pergolas are easy to maintain and keep clean. And because they don't include any wood structural pieces, they will never warp, fade or rot in time like a wood pergola will.

Custom Pergola Options

One of the biggest reasons people turn to using pergola kits, is that it eliminates expensive and detailed custom design and construction. But with a Modern Pergola kit, you enjoy the benefits of a kit while still maintaining the ability to get a custom fit. All of our pieces are trimmable on site! You get a personalized pergola kit for your home without paying for a custom pergola design!

Modern Pergola Style

We offer both attached or freestanding pergola kit options. Attached pergola kits are perfect for a deck or patio. They have at least one side attached to your home or structure. This wall mounted pergola creates a great extension of your living space to the outside and provides additional strength and support to your pergola!

Freestanding pergola kits are supported entirely by their own columns on all sides. Free standing pergolas can be placed next to your pool, on a deck, over a patio, in a garden, or any spot you want to create in your outdoor space.

Customize your pergola looks by choosing a Modern or Traditional Style. Choose your shade level and extras like fan mounts. If you are looking for shade, privacy, or just decoration, you can achieve the perfect look with Modern Pergola Kits.

Why our pergola kits are the best:

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Benefits of Modern Pergola Kits

Sizes: Small pergolas, large pergolas, custom shape pergolas and everything in between. We can design your pergola from either one of our many common sizes or custom build your structure to fit your space. Our team will help you plan your design at no additional charge.

Style Options: You want a pergola that fits with your home's aesthetic and your personal style! We of course have our Modern style pergolas for a clean and modern look while, but we also have a traditional style pergolas. The traditional style represents a classic pergola design. With the traditional style you have different end cap options, column styles & sizes and trim which allows you to get a custom look.

Materials: Vinyl is one of the easiest materials to clean and care for. This leaves you more time to enjoy your pergola over spending time maintaining it! The internal aluminum is found throughout all of the posts, rafters and beams. Your pergola remains strong for decades. Eliminating the fear of warping, sagging, or rotting!

Cost: You can get anstant quote online when using our pergola builder. Compare pricing on different styles and sizes. Our garage pergola eyebrow kits are available for purchase as well!

Installation: Both contractors and homeowners alike have found our kits to be easy to install. Handy homeowners can tackle the project as a DIYer in just a weekend while an experienced contractor or handyman will typically have it completed in a day! Our pergola kits come with step-by-step instructions and a YouTube pergola installation series.

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Weather Resistance: Having angled shade purlins is unqiue to our pergola system. It will provide your space with actual shade! Our pergolas can also outperform and stand up against most harsh weather conditions. Snow & ice, high winds, and temperatures both hot and cold, vinyl pergolas are ideal for a wide variety of seasons and locations. Our pergolas are especially great in high wind or hurricane prone areas. And wind load tolerances are increased with the addition of Hurricane Clips.

Let’s start designing your pergola today!

Modern Pergola Kit Review

Family Operated | Made in the USA

Our vinyl pergola kits are designed, quoted, and fabricated by a small family business that prides itself on customer service. You just won’t find another pergola brand that offers the same level of support. We’ve gone out of our way to ensure there are no questions left unanswered from the first day you visited our pergola kit website to the last day when you sent us a picture of your vinyl pergola installed on your outdoor living space! There are videos, PDFs, pictures, and explanations of everything we’ve ever been asked for by our customers. If you can’t find it on our site or we are unable to provide what you need – we will quite literally create that content for you and then make it available for everyone else too!

We started doing pergolas about 12 years ago and every year for the first five years we made improvements to the installation process, the structural integrity of the finished pergola kit, and the content (pictures and videos!) available to our potential customers. We realize pergolas are usually a one-and-done type of project for most people. You may rest assured that pergolas are our core product and we do them all day, every day, 365 days a year!

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